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Monday, October 15, 2018

Dear Health-Conscious Reader,

How much better would your life be if you could turn back the clock and delay – or even reverse – the aging process?

Ever wondered what it would feel like to experience the same physical stamina, mental clarity and amazing sexual libido you felt in your 20’s?

Now what if this miraculous process could be done right in the privacy of your own home? Would you be interested?

Who Wouldn’t !

And before you start thinking this is yet another “hyped-up” diet pill or Spartan exercise regimen designed to turn you into a wheat-grass-eating health nut – think again!

The truth is…

  • You can eat the foods you love without counting calories or giving in to obsessive cravings…
  • You can get back your sexual vigor without resorting to those embarrassing “little blue pills”…
  • You can watch as your body magically transforms into a leaner, slimmer, fitter machine without spending hours on the treadmill.
  • You can snatch back the years of your life when you looked and felt your best- without trying to cover up or lie about your age with things like hair dye and anti-wrinkle cream  (Nobody is fooled by those tricks anyway – except the customer who buys into them!)
  • You can look as good as you did in your 30s (and even your 20s) with the latest and greatest improvements in anti aging and skin care technology

I’m sure you’re still skeptical, so let me ask you something…

Do You Suffer from These “Side Effects” of Aging?

  • Unexplained physical and mental “tiredness” – even if you live a normally active lifestyle. It’s as if your get-up-and-go just “got-up-and-went” one day!
  • Sagging skin and wrinkles – particularly around the face – It’s as if all of your muscles went slack slowly over timeand nothing seems to perk your skin back up again!
  • Stubborn weight gain – body fat that creeps up around your midsection is a particularly telltale sign of aging. It’s also incredibly difficult to get rid of (HINT: stomach crunches won’t  do a thing except give you rock-hard abs with a layer of marshmallow flab on top!)
  • Frightening Memory Loss – that goes beyond just “where did I put my keys?” Not being able to remember things is usually the jolt that most people get that shakes them into  realizing their frailty. And then, it’s often too late…

Because You’ve Been Exposed to A Sickness Unlike Any Other…

The massive medical companies and giant pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers have convinced us all that it’s completely “normal” to grow older.

They then try to comfort our yearning to be young by offering us high-priced drugs that “fight” the signs and conditions of aging.

If they can’t persuade us that all the aches, pains and signs of aging are normal, what chance do they have to sell their damaging prescription drugs and pills that ‘manage conditions’?

But what if you can avoid those age related ‘conditions’ in the first place?

Frankly, I’ve had enough…that’s why I’ve decided to make sure that every man and woman out there has a chance to benefit from…

The Clinically – Proven Breakthroughs That the Mega Corporations and Pharmaceutical Industries Hope You’ll Never Learn!

It’s the closest thing there is to a real-life “fountain of youth”, and you’re just moments away from tapping into its many secrets. Rejuvenate your body from the inside out with just a few of the many techniques and tricks you’ll learn. And what can’t be fixed from the inside, there are some amazing new techniques to restore from the outside!

Things like…

  • How to delay and even reverse the aging process! You no longer have to lie about how old you are, because people will never be able to guess by how young you look – and feel! It all centers around unlocking your body’s “inner code” that’s responsible for your aging! Pages 8  – 10 reveal how to reset your “internal clock” step by step…
  • Page 42 gives you the inside scoop on a “fat trapping molecule” that actually binds to what you eat, and flushes out all the unwanted fat while you enjoy the foods you love without gaining a pound!
  • How to jumpstart your creativity and productivity to gain an extra 2 hours or more – every day! This trick is guaranteed to boost your mental alertness and clarity, and it’s easy to do!
  • How to re-activate a sluggish immune system and shield yourself from colds and flu. If you’re sick and tired of getting sick and tired all the time – you need to tap into your body’s inner healing mechanism right now! Just think of how much money you’ll save on cold medicine and doctor’s visits!
  • Discover the hidden truth about today’s “bad” foods – things like coffee, chocolate and even alcohol, and how they can actually improve your health! It’s all revealed to you on page 41.
  • You’ll also find out which foods act as natural aphrodisiacs and boost your sexual desire and libido – almost instantly! Gain stamina and endurance and lasting pleasure in bed – just by eating!
  • How to ignite a miraculous transformation in your body – just by breathing! (Hint: The best way to learn this technique is to watch a baby! They already know how to do it right, but as  we grow older, we forget this vital step!)
  • Page 36 details cancer-fighting super-foods and power meals that turn bland, ordinary diet food into delicious meals you’ll look forward to! The health benefits are nothing short of amazing!
  • How to be the envy of all your friends and colleagues as you enjoy foods full of carbohydrates and even fats – while they starve themselves and nibble on rice cakes! Guilt-free dieting the  way it was meant to be on pages 18 and 19.
  • How plain, ordinary water can help relieve tension and stress, while increasing your mental clarity. And no, this doesn’t involve drinking 6-8 glasses a day. You don’t even have to take a sip of ordinary water to get these outstanding benefits!

And that’s just the beginning of what you’ll learn in the “How to Live Forever” Foundations e-book

In How to Live Forever, you’ll discover the revealing truth that is causing men and women from all backgrounds and lifestyles to accept aging (and the unavoidable aches and pains that come with it!) as a normal part of life!

The reality is that it isn’t normal to develop sagging skin and wrinkles, decreased libido, weight gain, and aches and pains that don’t go away.

Fortunately, when you get your hands on the Fountain Of Youth Anti Aging System, you’ll discover exactly how to delay, or even reverse, these aging “side effects”!

The end result? Beautiful, touchable skin, a more exciting love life, sharper memory, easy weight loss and the freedom to enjoy all the things you thought that time had taken away from you!

And Here’s What You Won’t Find in the “How to Live Forever” books…

I know there are a lot of health books and guides out there competing for your attention. They all promise a lot of the same benefits – look great, feel better, and so on. But what they don’t tell you is just how much WORK it takes!

That’s why, in the “How to Live Forever” series, you’ll get only the tips, tricks and techniques that will bring you immediate results with long-term benefits!

So now you have to ask yourself…

Do I Suffer with the “Normal” Consequences of Aging? Or Do I Take Action Today to Get My Life Back?

You’re just minutes away from tapping into the greatest source of confidence, self-esteem and pleasure you’ve ever experienced. You deserve the quality of life you’ve always dreamed of!

And it doesn’t matter how unfit or unhealthy you are. You can start seeing noticeable differences for the better – starting today!

And just what else will you discover in our package of anti aging breakthroughs?

These amazing revelations are all in How To Live Forever : New Technology – an ‘Advanced’ yet core part of the package – which covers the new technology available right now in the anti aging field:

  • How you can get biologically younger thanks to a discovery originally made in 1990 but only available to you and I this year. Page 9
  • What kind of cells are actually technically immortal? And how does this help us tinker with the clock to enable all cells to live forever? See page 10
  • Which 5 types of Vitamin B are essential to halt the aging process – and how much you really need. Page 12 covers this too!
  • Discover the most powerful antioxidant on earth – and what harmful effects it is best defence against. Page 13.
  • Compound R improves heart health, the immune system, memory, concentration and circulation – but how is it best taken for maximum results? Page 14 explains it all
  • The fruit that powers champion surfers and martial artists to new heights. What can it do for your every day life? p23
  • The top 12 ways to stay younger for longer – this will kick start your anti aging program on page 31
  • Which household staple food should be avoided if you want to beat the march of time? And against all the usual expert advice too… page 33
  • The type of food that can help you regain your youthful levels of Human Growth Hormone – this is still the most powerful factor in remaining young. Page 36
  • Sleep and Sex – and their effect on anti aging. But how much do you really need to have an effect? Page 37 breaks down the numbers
  • The Top 10 Anti Aging Super Foods – and their vital properties on page 41
  • The 9 Most Beautifying Foods – these skin rejuvenating foods will have you looking radiant and younger than before. Page 45.

But here’s the best part..!

While those around you continue to battle with their bodies by sweating it out in the gym, depriving themselves of the food they love (only to binge later!), feeling inadequate in bed and complaining about how they look and how they feel…

You’ll have all the shortcuts and the secret knowledge you need for lasting health, vitality and energy. And remember, that’s without being enslaved to high-priced prescription drugs and painful exercise regimens.

But don’t just take my word for it:

“If you want to ensure well-being for yourself, and indeed your family, this is the course to read. I’ve been reading self-development and health books all my life, and to this day when I walk into a bookshop I fail to see at least one that scratches the surface. The member’s site not only does that, but the contents are a complete honest guide to ensure you intake the essential nutrients your body needs. They are well presented and passionately written. What’s also interesting about this collection is that I as I read it I want to do so to completion, whilst with most other books I read half-way through and stop. There is something magical about the works of that draws you in from the first page. A fantastic must-have course.”

Hits Dhanak – author of and ‘How I Cured My Alopecia’

And all that is just a fraction of what is waiting for you in…

The Fountain Of Youth Anti Aging System…

The Fountain Of youth Anti Aging System

Component #1: How To Live Forever “New Technology”

$30 Value

This Advanced Level book looks at the amazing developments in anti aging technology and the role of supplements and nutraceuticals in halting the aging process more quickly than was ever envisaged possible.

Among what you will discover are :

  • How you can ‘throw a gene switch’ to make yourself younger (I am deadly serious here) thanks to the discovery of an enzyme in an ancient chinese herb that can rebuild aging cells.
  • Keep control of the dangerous “Hormone H“, too much of this can make you age 3 times faster than normal! Page 12 has the details
  • Eat yourself younger with delicious herbs and spices – and the spice that has 42 times more antioxidant activity than apples!
  • The little known co-enzyme that is key to halting the aging process – make sure you take it in the only form that is proven to work against aging.
  • The Top 10 Anti Aging Beauty Tips – many of the ‘Quick Fixes’ work literally in minutes. See page 42

Component #2: Special Report : The HGH Report

$20 Value

This is an expose of the controversial, yet often misunderstood, subject of HGH – Human Growth Hormone. This special report covers areas such as :

  • Just what is HGH?
  • Synthetic HGH – is it safe?
  • Regulations and Controversy around HGH
  • HGH Frauds, Fakes and Scams
  • Side effects of HGH
  • The real cost of HGH

Component #3: Lifetime Subscription to the Fountain Of Youth Newsletter

$100 Value

We’ll be with you all the way with a lifetime subscription to our Fountain Of Youth Newsletter.

You will regularly get the most up-to-date current information in the field of anti aging – including longevity technology, nutraceuticals, skin care breakthroughs, neurological experiments and life extension techniques.

Component #4: The Fountain Of Youth Anti Aging System “Foundation Level” eBook

$29 Value

Your 46 page eBook that covers the basic more ‘natural’ yet super powerful anti aging strategies, tips and techniques such as :

  • Relieve the aging effects of stress
  • How to jump-start your creativity and productivity
  • Boost your sexual desire and libido
  • The hidden truth about today’s “bad” foods
  • Resetting your “internal clock” step by step…
  • How to tap into your body’s inner healing mechanism
  • Enjoy the foods you love without gaining a pound

And much much more…

Component #5: Body For Youth package: “Simple Essential Anti Aging Muscle Gain For All”

$15 Value

More and more studies are showing the anti aging benefits of retaining muscle mass as you get older. Forget any images of Rambo or Arnie, you don’t needed to be a muscle bound meat head to keep aging at bay by maximising your useful lean muscle quotient.

  • The Fast Muscle Formula revealed : I + F + R + C + D = Fast Muscle
  • How to build MASS
  • Build muscle AND lose fat! (we like this one!)
  • The training adjustments needed to get Ripped and Chiselled Abs
  • The 5 Rules NEVER to ignore
  • Supplements Uncovered
  • How To Produce the Fastest Results

Component #6: 4 X MP3 recordings of the “How To Live Forever” Foundation Level eBook

$20 Value

Many people prefer to listen to audios than read books, so if this is you then we’ve got you covered! In iPod friendly mp3 format, you can listen to this book split into 4 user friendly sections while you are in the car, on a train or in a health club. Or anywhere really.

Component #7: “Secrets Of Perfect Skin” Premium eBook package

$29 Value

An expose of how skin actually works – and how to use this knowledge to look fantastic with skin that glows and feels wonderful

  • Attract instant attention with your youthful, healthy, vibrant skin
  • Get admiring looks from both men and women with your “Angelina Jolie style” smile
  • Make your skin baby soft and fresh with our topnotch exfoliation techniques
  • Erase those pesky stretch marks with our top secret ‘Doctor-Only’ prescription
  • Get smooth summer legs and hips with our 8 stage cellulite treatment
  • Work magic on wrinkles, spots, and scars with our advanced moisturizers
  • Use your own body’s natural “repairmen” to make you look 10 years younger
  • Learn if Retinol really works

Component #8: “Quick Thinking: Brain Enhancement Strategies”

$37.00 Value

This is a key part of the system – as we age we also lose mental clarity and sometimes just the ability to think and react quickly to situations. This aspect of aging can come on quickly and unexpectedly – and in fact can be quite disturbing when it happens.

But the good news is that it can be overcome easily and in fact you can be sharper than ever with some simple techniques that are also fun, such as using music to enhance the brain. This book covers many aspects of brain power development:

  • Finding ways to enhance the brain
  • How Dendrites play a role in brain enhancement
  • Regenerative abilities of the brain
  • Exercise and brain enhancement
  • Neuro feedback
  • Brain Enhancement Scripts
  • And much, much more in this 158 page manuscript!

Component #9:  3 X MP3 recordings of the “Quick Thinking” eBook

$20 Value – over 3 hours of quality audio content.

As we know, many people prefer to listen to audios than read books, so if this is you then again we’ve got you covered! In iPod friendly mp3 format, you can listen to this book split into 3 user friendly sections while you are in the car, on a train or in a health club. Or anywhere really.

Component #10: Quality, Friendly Support

$60 Value

Got any support needs with the system ? We got you covered. Speedy yet friendly support is on hand to help.

Component #11: Up to 60 Days Extended Guarantee

$ Value = peace of mind

Your satisfaction is truly our goal and we want you to be delighted with the information you receive, so you have the confidence and back up of a 60 day guarantee period if this product does not meet with your satisfaction in any way.

We know some less trustworthy people will take advantage of us with this guarantee but we prefer to cater for the satisfaction of our true customers. As for the scammers – let’s just say we are also great believers in karma…!

A Recap of The Fountain Of Youth Anti Aging System:


#1: How To Live Forever: New Technology e-book
#2: Special Report : The HGH Report
#3: Lifetime subscription to the Fountain Of Youth Newsletter
#4: How To Live Forever:”Foundation Level” e-book
#5: Body For Youth package: “Simple Essential Anti Aging Muscle Gain For All”
#6: MP3 recordings of the “How To Live Forever” Foundation Level eBook
#7: “Secrets Of Perfect Skin” premium eBook package
#8: Quick Thinking: Brain Enhancement Strategies – complete manuscript
#9: 3 X MP3 recordings of the “Quick Thinking” eBook
#10: Quality, Friendly Support
#11: Up to 60 Days Extended Guarantee

* Bonus 1 ( see below)

*Bonus 2 (top secret – only revealed on the download page!)

Total System Value: $360.00

But All Of This Is Available For You To Download
Immediately At a Fraction of That Price…

Click Here To Order “Fountain Of Youth Anti Aging System”

Stop Press – Great New Bonus!

Yoga HD Video Series – 70 Video Collection

yogavidsYoga is increasingly renowned for its anti aging properties and Hatha yoga is a slow and meditative style of yoga with many health benefits. As well as lowering the aging effects of stress, it also increases the oxygen uptake of the body and improves flexibility among many other benefits.This form of yoga is also slower and is ideal for beginners as well as the more experienced Yogi, and these 70 top quality HD videos make it easy to practice in the comfort of your own home.Some examples of the videos are below:yoga1yoga2yoga3

Let Me Ask You A Question:

How Much Would Looking and Feeling Younger Be Worth To You?

Can you really even put a value on it? Ask anyone over 40 and they will say that regaining their youthful vigor would be priceless.

You’re probably starting to see the possibilities with the components of this system, and the chance for you to “buy the un-buyable” – and start to turn the clock back.

You’re probably starting to picture in your mind just how good it will feel to be fitter and healthier again, to look fantastic and to have smooth, soft skin.

And you’re also probably wondering how to get your hands on this system, and how much it’s gonna cost.

And that’s a good question.

Gathering all this knowledge together has almost been a life’s work, although it has been a labour of love in many ways, and we want as many people as possible to reap the benefits of our work.

One of the richest men in Britain, the Billionaire publisher Felix Dennis who is now over 60 years old recently said that he would give up all his money to regain his youth again. No question.

And you’d do the same wouldn’t you?

But don’t worry. You don’t need $ billions!

The cost is just $37.

And you also have our honest guarantee…

If You Don’t See Noticeable Results after 60 Days – Simply Let Us Know and We Will Promptly Refund Your Purchase!

That’s almost 2 whole months that you can try out the advice and techniques in “Fountain Of Youth Anti Aging System” – risk free!

It’s an immensely powerful system and we stand by it 100%. That’s why I’ve got no problem offering you this dramatic guarantee.

Not only do you have our 100% guarantee, you also have the added security of dealing with our payment processor Clickbank, the world renowned independent payment processor for digital goods.


This really does remove all of the risk for you.

I want you to download our Anti Aging System today.

I want you to read it, use it, and feel and see the benefits of it.

But if for some reason you DON’T see results… I’ll send you your money back straight away.

Hell even if you just don’t like the damn course, or me, or if the weather’s bad one day and you’re in a foul mood… send me a refund request and it will be honored INSTANTLY, and with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Even if you leave it to 11.59pm on the 60th day or your 8-week + risk-free trial period…

No hard feelings, no arguments, no ‘whiney’ emails from me asking you what was wrong with the system.

So now you’re free to go ahead and try the Fountain Of Youth Anti Aging System system right now… with zero risk. I’m taking all the risk off your shoulders, and putting it squarely on mine.

Try it out at our expense.

And if it doesn’t work for ANY reason, I’ll personally refund you your cash.

And that my friend, is SET. IN. STONE.

So you get peace of mind… and I do too.

You now have a clear set of choices in front of you…

Either you can continue getting older every day and cursing your luck, nature or your even your gene pool…

OR you can download the entire Fountain Of Youth Anti Aging System right now, and open up a whole new world of possibilities by learning the exact, specific, steps that can help you rediscover your youth and stay younger for longer!

I’ve made the decision easy for you. The information you need is laid out in simple eBooks, audios, manuscripts and bonus materials. And the risk has been completely removed.

But only YOU can make the choice.

It’s time.

Click below below to order your Fountain Of Youth Anti Aging System today.

The cost is just $37.


Ordering online takes just a couple of minutes and is completely secure. After you submit your payment information, you’ll be taken to a page where you can download your package.

And we look forward to seeing you on the inside.

I urge you to take control of your health right now, before it’s too late. Click below to access everything right now and start living the youthful and vigorous life you were meant to have!

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Yours for Great Health and Happiness

Fraser & Nicky

P.S. Do you want to spend your “golden years” complaining about aches, pains, bedroom woes and grey hairs? Aren’t you ready to turn back the clock and experience the wonder of looking and feeling young again? Now with our “Fountain Of Youth Anti Aging System” – you’ll get that and so much more, and you can even Try it Now, Risk Free

P.P.S. This truly is a 100% risk-free offer. If this does not meet your needs then it’s simple:


So with the 8-Week + Guarantee and peace of mind, download this revolutionary system now.