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Affiliates are very important people to us, and we want to reward our affiliates for their efforts.

So we pay them the majority of the price of the book! Yes – 65% commission on initial sales and a further 65% on the Platinum Upsell too!

The program is run through the trusted, reliable Clickbank network and you are paid easily and safely through Clickbank.

If you would like to be an affiliate a variety of tools are here, but we encourage you to sign up for our Affiliate Training course using the form below – and you will be automatically forwarded to the affiliate tools page:

Simply use the following link format to send traffic to your own unique link:

So in the above case you simply replace ‘YOURAFFILIATENAME‘ with your clickbank name e.g. if your nickname is johnny54 then your affiliate link would be as follows:

We have also produced some affiliate tools for you to help you including some ready made ad copy including solo ads, short e-zine ads and even viral reports with your own affiliate link embedded in them!

In order to make sure you get all the latest free affiliate tools, free contests and special promotions from the site, please enter your details below for instant access:

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